Radio Playlist – I came back to leave

Artist Title Album (* = New Release) Label Link
Datetenryu Harugeshiki Japrocksampler
Betty Davis Politician Man The Columbia Years 1968-1969* Light In The Attic
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band Queen Of Cheeba 55* Big Crown
Bronze Maniac Live In San Francisco* Castle Face
your dj speaks
From Scratch Passage Five Rhythm Works* EM Records
Jeff Buckley Just Like A Woman You and I* Columbia
Bummers Eve I Wanna Die Bummers Eve* Almost Ready
The Spits Die Die Die The Spits Nickel And Dime
GG Allin & The Murder Junkies Die When You Die Hated
your dj speaks
Mind Spiders Rip It Out Prosthesis* Dirtnap
Sad Magic I Love Ghost Rock GhostGirl Swimsuit*
Tacocat Plan A, Plan B Lost Time* Hardly Art
The Middle Class Out Of Vogue Punk 45 Chaos In The City Of Angels And Devils (Hollywood From X To Zero & Hardcore On The Beaches: Punk In Los Angeles 1977-81)* Soul Jazz
Total Abuse Excluded Excluded* Deranged
Ajax Paper and Steel Ajax* Static Shock
Desechables No Me Consigues Divertir Golpe Tras Golpe* Munster Records (Reissue)
Red Mass Infidel EP Rogue N. 2* Slovenly
Slayer/Atari Teenage Riot No Remorse (I Wanna die) Soundtrack For The Apocalypse American
your dj speaks
Circle Sleepwalker SSEENNSSEESS* Ektro (Reissue)
Circles Reibend Circles* Mental Experience
Cluster Untitled Cluster 71 Bureau B (Reissue)
Kontrabassduo Studer-Frey +JB (John Butcher) Zurich Concerts 15 years of* leo records
your dj speaks
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band Beetham Highway Ride 55* Big Crown
Woods I See In The Dark City Sun Eater In The River Of Light* Woodsist
Deerhoof Paradise girls Fever 121614* Polyvinyl
Radio Playlist – I came back to leave

Radio Playlist 6.10.16 – Science Oven

Artist Title Album (* = New Release) Label Link
Violet Cold Everything You Can Imagine Is Real… Magic Night* AMAdea Music
Sad Magic Cloud Stranger Ghostgirl Swimsuit* Self Released
The Body Hallow / Hollow No One Deserves Happiness* Thrill Jockey
Nyogthaeblisz Bioterroristic Holocaust 666 Apocryphal Progenitors Of Mankind’s Tribulation Satanic Skinhead Propaganda
Nyogthaeblisz The Abysmal Wargoat Apocryphal Progenitors Of Mankind’s Tribulation Satanic Skinhead Propaganda
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger Transilvanian Hunger Peaceville
Sadus Desolator D.T.P. Demo 1986 Hammerheart
Gruesome Amputation Dimensions of Horror* Relapse
Death Zombie Ritual Scream Bloody Gore* Relapse (Reissue)
Obituary Slowly We Rot Slowly We Rot Roadrunner
your dj speaks
Amenra The Pain. It Is Shapeless Mass III-II Init
Sumac Image Of Control What One Becomes* Thrill Jockey
Isis Celestial (The Tower) Celestial Escape Artist
Electric Wizard I Am Nothing Time To Die Witchfinder
Jucifer Narcissist District Of Dystopia Nomadic Fortress
Slaegt Lysets Død Split with White Medal Legion Biofan
your dj speaks
Insect Ark Parallel Twin Portal/Well Autumnsongs Records
John Butcher Wisp & Whisk 13 Friendly Numbers Acta
Anthony Braxton Composition no. 312 Solo (NYC) 2002 Parallactic Recordings/New Braxton House
Thurston Moore / John Moloney – Caught On Tape Dispute Full Bleed* Northern Spy
Harry Pussy Domestic Disturbance One Plus One Palilalia Records
Khanate Skin coat Khanate* Hydra Head (Reissue)
James Plotkin & Tim Wyskida untitled 8 Improvisations aRCHIVE
your dj speaks
Gnaw Watcher This Face Conspiracy
Radio Playlist 6.10.16 – Science Oven

Radio Playlist 6.4.16 – Forgetten

Artist Title Album (* = New Release) Label Link
Sumac Rigid Man What One Becomes* Thrill Jockey
UFO Boogie UFO Repertoire Records (Reissue)
Ocean Colour Scene Hundred Mile High City Marchin Already MCA
Kyuss Into The Void Split w/ Queens Of the Stone Age Man’s Ruin
your dj speaks
Vista Chino Sweet Remain Peace Napalm
Clutch Behold The Colossus Psychic Warfare Weathermaker Music
Electric Wizard Master Of Alchemy Let Us Prey Rise Above
Saint Vitus Let them Fall Lillies: F-65 Season Of Mist
your dj speaks
Moody Wallen Band untitled Soda Pop
Moody Wallen Band untitled Good Copy Bad Copy
Moody Wallen Band Ron & Nancy
The Fugs I Could Not Get High Electromagnetic Steamboat: The Reprise Recordings Rhino
David Peel & The Lower East Side I Want To Get High The Rest Is History: The Elektra Recordings Rhino
Brujeria Marijuana – Escobar Remix (Dj Juju) Mextremist Hits Picoroco
Brujeria Marijuana Marijuana Chupacabra Discos
Exit-13 Featuring Bliss Blood When I Get Low I Get High Smoking Songs Relapse
Butthole Surfers Sweat Loaf Locust Abortion Technician Touch & Go
The Frogs I’ve Done Drugs (Out Of The Mist It’s Only Right, It’s Only Natural Homestead
your dj speaks
Melvins Phylis Dillard Basses Loaded* Ipecac
High On Fire The Falconist Luminiferous* Century Media
Experiencia Del Paso Por El Averno Espiritus de la Tribu Experiencia Del Paso Por El Averno* No Label
Various untitled Unheard Indonesia: Pancak Silat Situbondo* Sahel Sounds
your dj speaks
Pa Hat Uxxak Music Xinjiang* Sublime Frequencies
Pandit Pran Nath Raga Darbari Ragas Of Morning & Night* Mississippi Records (Reissue)
Radio Playlist 6.4.16 – Forgetten

Radio Playlist 5.28.2016 – Down with heat

Artist Title Album (* = New Release) Label
Moondog Invocation The Viking Of 6th Avenue Honest Jon’s
Say No! To Architecture Wieder’s Floor SN!TA*
Cabaret Contemporain Featuring Linda Oláh & Isabel Sörling Why Spend The Dark Night With You Un Hommage À Moondog* Sub Rosa
your dj speaks
The Pop Group Forces Of Oppression For how Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder* Freaks R Us (Reissue)
James Chance Sax Maniac Sax Education Tiger Style
James Blood Ulmer Jazz Is The Teacher (Funk Is The Preacher) Are You Glad To Be In America? Rough Trade
Oneida Jazz Is The Teacher (Funk Is The Preacher) Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before… Rough Trade
Bardo Pond Screens For A Catch (Fur Bearing Eyes) Parallelogram (Split w/ Yo La Tengo)* Three Lobed Recordings
your dj speaks
Yo La Tengo Electric Eye Parallelogram (split w/ Bardo Pond)* Three Lobed Recordings
Velvet Underground Sweet Jane (Early Version Remix) Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition* Atlantic
your dj speaks
Miles Davis Black Satin Agharta Columbia
Jackie McDowell Apogee and Perogee Baptisia Hairy Spider Legs
Idea Fire Company Red Sky Lost At Sea* Recital
Syrinx Effect Cluster Fuck This Is What Your Brain Sounds Like Self Released
Syrinx Effect Respired By Snail Songs Self Released
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Ganz Leise Kommt Die Nacht Piano Nights [PIAS] Recordings
Radio Playlist 5.28.2016 – Down with heat

Radio Playlist 5.21.16 – Returning Again

Artist Title Album (* = New Release) Label
Beastie Boys Beastie Boys Some Old Bullshit Grand Royale
Sonic Youth Death Valley 69 Walls Have Ears Not
your dj speaks
Nazoranai (Keiji Haino, Steven O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi) Not A Joy To Come Closer But So-called A Sacred Insanity Has Finally Appeared Nazoranai Ideologic Organ
Experiencia Del Paso Por El Averno La Disciplina Del Viento Experiencia Del Paso Por El Averno* No Label
Lightning Bolt Crown Of Storms Wonderful Rainbow Load
Cult Leader Driftwood Nothing For Us Here Deathwish Inc
your dj speaks
Zach Hill The Primitives Talk Face Tat Sargent House
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO Pleasure Mantra Sorrows Astrogasm From Inner Space Important
The Clash The Magnificent Dance Super Black Market Clash Epic
your dj speaks
Lou Reed Rock Minuet Ecstacy Reprise
The Velvet Underground The Black Angel’s Death Song The Complete Matrix Tapes Universal
The Phill Musra Group Egypt Boston Creative Jazz Scene 1970 – 1983* Cultures Of Soul
Talk Talk After The Flood Laughing Stock Verve
your dj speaks
The Striggles Sesame Sezam Bilb* Rock Is Hell
Brian Harnetty Rawhead & Bloodybones Rawhead & Bloodybones* Dust-to-Digital
Scott Tuma Beautiful Dreamer Hard Again Truckstop

Radio Playlist 5.21.16 – Returning Again

Radio Playlist 5.13.16 – Snot

Artist Title Album (* = New Release) Label
Enablers Look The Rightful Pivot Lancashire And Somerset
Yang Fan Awake (Or Not?)… What Happened After 1001 Nights?* Genjing Records
Odd Hope Brave And Olde Brave And Olde* Fruits and Flowers
Ramleh American Womanhood Circular Time* Crucial Blast
Teeth Of The Sea Love Theme For 1984 Highly Deadly Black Tarantula* Rocket Recordings
your dj speaks
Richard Youngs Another Zonal Air Regions Of The Old School MIE Music
Violet Cold La Petite Mort Desperate Dreams Pest Productions
Wiegedood Onder Gaan De Doden Hebben Het Goed Consouling Sounds
Amenra Silver Needle Golden Nail Live II My Proud Mountain0.
Sumac Thorn In the Lion’s Paw The Deal Sige
your dj speaks
Mostly Other People Do The Killing Flamenco Sketches Blue Hot Cup
Paul Bley Longer Play Blue (Oslo Concert) ECM
Terry Adams Straight, No Chaser Talk Thelonious* Euclid
NRBQ Rocket Number 9 NRBQ Columbia
MC5 Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) Kick Out The Jams Elektra
Sun Ra I Roam The Cosmos To Those Of Earth … And Other Worlds* Strut/Art Yard
Anthony Braxton Casino Quintet [Tristano] 2014* Braxton House
Radio Playlist 5.13.16 – Snot

Radio Playlist 5.7.16 – I will crush you under the mighty weight of long songs

Artist Title Album (* = New Release) Label
Haikai No Ku Saltes Of Human Dust Temporary Infinity* Box
Club Sound Witches BDTD 185 Track 2 BDTD 185 Breakdance The Dawn
The Dead C Mansions Secret Earth Ba Da Bing!
your dj speaks
Parson Sound On how To Live Parson Sound Subliminal Sounds
Coppice Bramble Matches* Category of manifestation:
Aluk Todolo 9:29 Voix* Norma Evangelium Diaboli, The Ajna Offensive
Nurse With Wound You Walrus Hurt The One You Love The Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi Companion United Dairies
Throbbing Gristle After Cease To Exist The Second Annual Report
your dj speaks
People Like Us Hate People Like You
Richard Youngs Setting For Voices No Fans Compendium: Multi-Tracked Shakuhachi*
Radio Playlist 5.7.16 – I will crush you under the mighty weight of long songs